Me, Elisabeth

Elisabeth Daunelius

Always felt, appreciated, lived, through creative expressions and presentations.


Now life is art and art is life.


New experiences, new languages, new insights.

Eager to learn and with a big desire to find out.


This would not have been possible without the loving support from my family and my good friends.

If you find something you like, if you want to share your thoughts - please feel free to contact me.



of my paintings is most often set by 

Hansford and sons Fine Art, Emerging Artist Platform, London

Thank you for your visit!


Peter Sköld, Artistlab, 1 år, art studies

Malmfältens folkhögskola, 1 år, artstudies

Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach. Transformation Academy

Diploma in Advanced Graphic Design. Shaw Academy. 

Diploma in Adobe Illustrator. Shaw Academy. 

Diploma in Proficient Painting. Shaw Academy. At present

Certified Visual Artist. The Academy on Line. At present

The Artist Guild Fine Art. At present

Mentor: Pierre Saintbeat, founder ALAF

Mixed media  Acrylic  Watercolor  Ink  Markers  Charcoals