Vision and statement

The problem-solver

When the subject is "wrong", the substrate is "wrong", the medium is "wrong" and the technology is "wrong" - what happens then? How far can I go without prejudice about what is "right"? When do my limitations apply? How do these express themselves and what happens when I learn new and get past the limitations?

These questions drives me. In ordinary life as well as in painting.

I love to work in sand and paint on canvas to create a between sculpture and painting.

Lines, shapes, color, composition and texture are important elements, but the Process - the interaction between my hands, brain and all that is me - THAT´s the creation. 

I am part of the creative process and the most fascinating of all is that the viewer becomes part of the creation.

This drives me in painting as well as in ordinary life.

I love to work with my changelings, ink on glossy surface and with a twist.

As a child, I can put what is most important to me in forum and reduce what I do not find interesting. I can become obsessed with calculating angles and shapes without bothering about interaction between them. I sometimes want to abstract until it remains only for the viewer to put their meaning into the picture. I find it interesting to dare to "ruin" an image in order to challenge myself and see the result in that process.

The courage and the strength to dare and to get through is central. Not being labeled, being genuine. I want to contribute with light, energy and a positive and emotional expression, even if the subject is difficult or inaccessible.

This drives me forward.

I paint so far in acrylic, oil, markers, ink, gilding. Work with all kind of different media, as for example sand.